Education & Workforce Development

Education and workforce development are essential prerequisites to a thriving economy. The Arizona Chamber Foundation researches policies and practices that ensure all students have access to a high-quality education, and investigates workforce development and job training programs that are responsive to employer needs and serve to attract and retain a competitive workforce.

A well-designed education system serves individual students at a high level, supports development of strong communities, and delivers a talented workforce prepared for the jobs and ongoing education needed to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.

Our Recent Work

  • NEW September 2018, An Economic and Policy Examination of College Tuition Subsidy Proposals. Read more.
  • August 2018, Invest in Ed's Impact on Proposition 301. Read more.
  • November 2016, Making the Grade: Capturing and Communicating School Impact on Student Learning. Read more.
  • October 2016, Teacher Talent Pipelines, Streamlining the Path from Student to Educator in Arizona. Read more.
  • February 2016, Expanding Access to Advanced Coursework in Arizona High Schools. Read more.
  • August 2014, Schoolhouse Ad Hoc: The State of School Construction in Arizona. Read more.

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KTAR: Study finds free college model would create $2.6 billion in state costs

KTAR News recently reported that a 'free college' model would create an additional $2.6 billion in…

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Economic Review of College Tuition Subsidy Proposals

The Arizona Chamber Foundation released a Policy Review today that examines the economic and public…

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Policy Brief on Invest in Ed’s Impact on Proposition 301

The Arizona Chamber Foundation released a policy brief today that found the “Invest in Ed” (IIE)…

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Arizona is a start-up state with pent up entrepreneurial energy. The Arizona Chamber Foundation researches barriers exist that thwart the natural inclination that exists across Arizona to innovate in the marketplace. Efficient and effective government at all levels is an essential component of economic prosperity.

Our Recent Work

Expanding Economic Opportunity in Arizona

At the Arizona Chamber Foundation, we are dedicated to expanding economic opportunity in Arizona.…

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Health Care

Healthy communities are integral to a thriving economy. The Arizona Chamber Foundation researches statewide access to high quality health care, analyzes policies that tackle substance abuse and informs the public on the tremendous economic impact of Arizona’s health care sector.

Our Recent Work

  • NEW October 2017,  The Fiscal Impact of "Medicare for All" in Arizona. Read more.
  • June 2017, Federal Health Care Reform, Potential Impacts on Arizona's Families, State Budget and Economy. Read more.
  • June 2015, Recreational Marijuana: Is the Case for Legalization Going Up in Smoke? Read more.

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“Medicare for All” Not Fiscally Feasible in Arizona

The Arizona Chamber Foundation released a Policy Brief today examining the fiscal impact of a…

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A thriving economy depends on modern, efficient, and reliable infrastructure. The Arizona Chamber Foundation analyzes efforts to upgrade Arizona’s infrastructure needs across sectors. Better infrastructure enhances the competitiveness of all industries and the economy as a whole. Advanced and modern infrastructure impacts business decisions when considering locations for investment and growth.

Legal & Civil Justice

Arizona’s legal system for settling disputes should be fair and responsive to the needs of civil litigants. The Arizona Chamber Foundation studies the principles of reasonable and constitutional checks and balances on Arizona’s branches of government and state regulatory agencies.


The Arizona Chamber Foundation studies globally competitive and equitable taxation systems that ensure taxpayer privacy, thereby treating all businesses fairly.

Our Recent Work

  • 2018 Policy Brief, Tax Reform & Arizonans: Bonuses, Wage Increases, New Jobs. Read more.


Housing the nation’s first regulatory sandbox for financial technology ‘fintech’ products and notable blockchain legislation, Arizona’s technology community is flourishing. The Arizona Chamber Foundation’s research is aimed at identifying and analyzing improvements within all technology sectors.

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What is a Fintech Sandbox?

Arizona is the first state in the in the nation to pass legislation creating a financial…

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As a border state, free trade in an integral part of Arizona’s economy. International trade supports more than 1 in 5 jobs in Arizona. Mexico alone is the destination for more than $9 billion in Arizona exports. The Arizona Chamber Foundation engages in research and education that demonstrates the important direct benefits to Arizona citizens, families and businesses of maintaining economic integration and a robust global trade environment.

Water, Energy & Natural Resources

Arizona is rich in natural beauty and resources. The Arizona Chamber Foundation researches policies that support a vibrant and growing economy while maintaining good stewardship of our water, State Trust lands, forests, minerals, wildlife, and other natural resources.

Our Recent Work

  • November 2017, Water in Arizona: Our Past, Present and Future. Read more.
  • December 2016, The Arizona Wilderness Act of 1984: The Gold Standard of Stakeholder Consensus. Read more.
  • June 2016, A Clear and Present Danger: How the EPA's New Ozone Regulations Threaten Arizona's Economy. Read more.
  • January 2016, The Proposed Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument: A Monumental Mistake? Read more.